Noir Trailer Analysis Research


Pulp Fiction (1994)

Mise en Scene

Revolver placed on a table Office area with a guy thinking seriously

Cash Resister opening with money

Guy in a black suit smoking a cigarette opening a brief case to something we can’t see

Lips with deep, red lip stick (the colour of roses to imply romance and danger) close to a microphone tilted up towards her mouth; it’s ajar as she gets closer to it. The phallic piece is meant to connote a penis so to establish an attraction element to the scene and present this character as a love interest.

Guys with hand guns in black suits

Attractive lady in a smart, slim, white shirt with 2 top buttons undone. Short, dark hair that’s perfectly symmetrical and wearing red lip stick, black eye shadow and red nail varnish. She’s placed at the centre in between other less physically attractive ladies messing with their hair and putting on makeup while she does nothing to further add to her allure by making the other ladies seem fake as they need something extra.

Guy in a black suit talking to himself in front of a mirror

Bar scene in low key lighting and red lighting Guy we can’t see faced away from us

Guys in suits going into their trunk and pulling out a clip and hand gun

The attractive lady and another guy lying down close to one another

Guys in black suits walking down a long, narrow hall parallel with various pipes and low key lighting

Two guys in suits firing hand guns

Guy pulling out a hand gun scaring everyone

Guy opening a lady’s shirt revealing what she’s wearing underneath

Guy pointing a revolver around a restaurant

Three guys and a lady around lady on the floor with her shirt open. One of the guys is about to stab her.

Car Crash

Collected guy point a SMG past the camera

Guy in suit dancing

Attractive lady dancing

Scared guy hiding around a corner holding a revolver

Guy in a suit flipping a table another guy is sitting at

Attractive lady and another guy lying down and kissing

Lady playing with a cherry touching her lips

Guy driving a car at night

Guy breaking into a room and pointing a revolver past the camera then shooting all the bullets.  

Camera Shots and Movement

Close ups are used very often in this trailer.

At the start of the trailer we are show a close up of a gun, a guy’s face, a cash register, a guy opening a brief case, mouth at a microphone, a car coming closer to the frame and two people kissing.

A good amount of two shots are used.

Most of the trailer’s scenes don’t ever go further away than a medium shot and people get many close ups of their face when they’re important.  


There is no tempo pinned down in the trailer. Instead it takes on multiple song choices with different paces to change the areas of the film it wants to show. At the start the trailer had a fast, energetic track with many fast cuts that followed the music, it’s the part of the trailer were the characters are introduced and out of context parts of the film are shown. There is romantic, fast track as the second score as a black screen appears and the words ‘Loyalty’ are written on it, this is how the trailer begins showing the themes that will be present in the film. When the third track begins its action music, the word ‘Betrayal’ is written on the screen and after a few more scenes the word ‘Crime’ with the same track still, this is the part of the trailer were the more physical and dangerous segments are set. The music cuts before the fourth track for dramatic effect and starts it as an explosive start to a rap-ish song, during which the more visually appealing cinematic scenes are quickly cut together. There is a black screen at this point with the an interesting, thought provocative and enigmatic phrase- ‘You won’t know the facts’ then ‘Until you see the fiction’ to get our attention, especially because we’re flashed with many different scenes from different scenarios that last less than one second each. Then the characters are introduced.  

Sound Often during the trailer to fit in as much content as possible it plays one scene, but has a voice over of another scene of another scene over it having two scenes at once. The trailer’s song choice was consistent to faster tracks and this mirrored how fast the editing was during those ever so slightly different songs. The music continues playing in the background with the volume slightly lowered when the characters are talking about the story. Dialogue occupied a small part of the trailer, but still a good amount. I’d say about a little less than half.  

True Romance (1993)

Mise en Scene Bare dessert landscape with two people. Guy in a phone box. Revolver having the cylinder put in place Shots of many people on phones- home phones and phone boxes Guy tugging at lady’s clothing Guy and lady kissing then lifting her to sit at some counter Guy smoking Military person smoking Opening a luggage case to something we can’t see Guy sat down in low key room and getting punched in the face Guy and lady kissing in the car Guy and lady in the baths smoking Four guys in suits walking into a an area that’s casting a shadow and they go dark Guy looking into a mirror and pointing a revolver to his reflection Guy and lady kissing Police team pointing gun at the camera Police car doing some dangerous driving Police and guys in suits pointing their guns at the camera Fight scene Lady screaming Gun being played with Lady slammed into a wall Guy and lady having a private moment Guys in suits walking into a building and looking around  Man in a suit and scarf holding a hand gun down to someone and shooting More private moments Room filled with people holding guns and other holding their hands in the air Guy coming around the corner with a revolver Numerous guys with big guns breaking into a room Stand off with police and guys in suits Dangerous driving Shadow of someone bringing something down on something Police man on the ground shooting his gun Guy and lady kissing Guy drenched in blood fighting Lady drenched in blood shooting a shot gun  

Camera Shots and Movement Many close ups that hardly go longer distances than a medium shot Scenes with lots of movement let the camera free roam as a shaky cam. Characters often fill the composition of the frame and for the sake of more interesting shots the characters are also more to one side of the frame than centred. Most things of interest have close ups  

Editing More serious scenes last about 3-5 seconds whilst normally the scene will last about one second, and even less than one with action going on. To transition between scene with more intensity a quick fade to black and a fade back in is used. Scene are broken up and reorganized at different points of the trailer so we see the same scene several times throughout it.  

Sound Normal music to introduce main characters then a fast pace, action track to get the story moving along.  

Shallow Grave (1994)

Mise en Scene Supposedly attractive lady Guy in a suit at the door Corpse Opening a suit case to something we can’t see Money piled up on a table with two guys and a lady smiling Lady smoking a cigarette People outside in the dark Truck falling off a cliff Champagne being poured Guy and lady dancing Guy on the floor with a foot at his throat Guy in a suit Forensic team in the woods Guy breaking into a house Fight Scene  

Camera Shots and Movement A more unusual side to noir, there were half and half medium shot and closer and wide shots. There were close ups of points of interest like money and tools.  

Editing There are black screens throughout the trailer with red text over them reading: ‘The ROOM-MATES’, ‘The CORPSE’, ‘The DISCOVERY’, ‘The DILEMMA’, ‘NOW…’, ‘The QUESTION’, ‘How Far Will You Go…’ and ‘To Get What You Want?’ to show some of the themes in the film. The trailer is woven between scenes when everything was calmer to when everything is becoming too hectic and it does this constantly after the short intro to how the story begins.  

Sound The entire trailer is filled with dialogue and has the same tension building track with a hint of techno that sounds very similar to clock work giving off the idea that time is running out sticking to the idea of tension.


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