Not sure how to start this so I’m just going to start talking and reflecting.

It took me quite the while to get into the swing of CINEMA 4D, many mistakes were made, but there was also a number of things I learnt as I became familiar with the programme, unfortunately that was towards the very end and being a slow worker didn’t help either. My dead line was not met as I was reliant on a far quicker response from Maxon for my copy of CINEMA 4D to take my time learning off it, not all my ideas got the chance to be made digitally, it got very stressful towards the end and I started to cut corners and get sloppy, but that was my fault, my time keeping schedule was non-existent and I slacked because I got lazy and didn’t pay enough attention to the criteria asked of on our hand out, I started making a living room scene too and that had to get completely scraped. My pre production took up most of my time and was too large, it made me indecisive and the designs I settled with were too complicated for a beginner I think which just made everything worse. These mistakes however will help me the next time we start a new project to keep it short and simple until I can do better, paying closer attention to what the teacher says. Extremely disappointed with what I have to show, it’s honestly embarrassing. I know I could have done everything and now the work is incomplete, what ever my mark it’ll be just, this time only. It won’t happen again.

In the end I have close to nothing to show and the skills I learnt over that past few weeks weren’t demonstrated even though we were given what I though was more than enough time to complete introductory work. Really have to redeem myself with what comes next and catch up to everyone’s grades now very likely ahead of me.

How I made my chair was by starting off with the primitive cube and gave is 2 segment on the Z and Y axis, changed the size of the seat with the scaling tool to make it slimmer on the Y axis, changed the cube into a rectangle with the same tool to more look like a chair seat, made the object editable, used the line selection to move the segments to a place that appealed more to me, selected the polygons I wanted to be the leg inserts, used the extrude tool to make the leg inserts extend, the same for the back rest of the chair, used the knife tool cut through the middle of the X axis and the same for the Y axis next to all the leg inserts, I selected those polygons one at a time and used the extrude tool to push them in to make those support looking thing of the under part of the chair, next I used the knife tool to make 2 cuts down the middle of the chair with the visible only option off, used the line selection to adjusted them to where I wanted them to go and with those new polygons on the back, top and front of the chair I extruded them inwards and cut the excess parts giving it that strip down the middle. To make the legs I used a primitive cube and adjusted it’s properties to fit the leg inserts as a rectangle. Once that was done I gave it a wood texture by going to window, selecting material manager and finding the textures of wood in the visualize section. With that done I had to copy the chair 6 times to do this I held ‘Command’ and ‘C’, then ‘Command’ and ‘V’, this copies and pastes the design, now move them apart from each other as the will all have been pasted on top of each other, you select one chair at a time in the object manager and place them wherever you like with the rotation and moving tool on the top left, they’re the largest images.

To make the table, again started off with a primitive shape adjusted its X, Y and Z axis with the scaling tool on the top left (the largest images) to fit the shape of a rectangle like the top of a table, made the object editable, after I cut along the under sides of the shape and using the line select tool made sure the were creating another rectangle about half the size of the table, I used the extrude tool to pull this new middle polygon out and did the same to its under part, but with four squares, but this time for legs, the same way I did the chair’s leg inserts, selected those four and used the extrude tool to pull out four legs, after I turned visible only lines off and looking at the table side on used the knife tool to cut near the base of the legs, after I created new polygons that connected attached to the legs that were furthest away from the other legs, to make a new polygon you must be in the modelling menu and the polygon selection tool is the one that  has an open box, make sure to make the polygon clock wise so the polygon faces out, doing it counter clockwise make the polygon face backwards. I made and extendable to able and to show this I wanted to give it grooves on both ends of the table, to do this I used the knife tool and placed two cut close together on both ends of the table, selected those polygons and used the extrude tool to make the go in, after this I cut off the excess and added a wood texture, the same as the chair’s.

The environment can be found with the other textures and applied the same way, that’s window, material manager, visualize and it’s in the environment section. The room I applied a concrete texture, selected the floor and gave it wooden planks, done the same way as everything so far. That side working area was never made, only in the pre-production, but would have been made with the same techniques as the chair and table, only textures would have to have been applied in different areas as there were three different kinds. There was the start of a clothe, which I started off by making a plane found with the other primitive objects, resizing it while it still a primitive to fit the table, added more polygons after the resize so the clothe wouldn’t fall too suddenly in noticeable chunks , giving it the clothe property which is found if you right click on the object manager, gave the table the clothe collider found also by right clicking on it from the object manager, made it editable, played the video and stopped it where I though it was okay, I couldn’t figure out how to make the clothe change colour though. The Cups and such would have been made with the Bezier tool and then made a child of the Lathe Nurbs tool, copied and pasted a few times to make it look like it took up the table and found in the cupboards. One thing I did forget though was to make both the Table and Chair edges smoother which is done while the object is still in the primitive stage by increasing the……. having CINEMA 4D whenever it might be necessary would help, it’s difficult having allocated time to use it.

3 mesh models were made.


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