Preliminary Story for Ideas (Not Significant to the Project Criteria)

A new detective is starting in a city where he and his wife moved to recently due to his city’s department relocating him to where he was needed more in compensation for his consistent resolution of cases, and he wants to make a good impression on the squad. A tip off from an anonymous public figure has starts his first case; in the board room by request of the chairman and CEO of investigations, he is asked to be paired with another trusted detective, respectable in the field. The call depicts a scene in a construction site where money has exchanged hands between the workers and another figure that’s relocated a body to their grounds and left. The body has been placed in a pit with cement brewing beside it.

The two detectives arrive at the scene. The labourers are arrested taken to the station for interrogation. Examining the body they find drugs, a police badge and a pager. More detectives are at the scene and one approaches the main character and notifies him the CEO has decided his new partner’s skills a put to better use elsewhere and that he’s his new partner. From the pager they find a meeting arrangement for the next point of interest, his new partner suggests it’s best not to tell their superiors since anyone on the force could be crooked , they could contaminate the evidence, or misplace it like it had been getting done on narcotics cases similar to this one. The detective agrees.

The next day when the groups are due to meet the detective’s partner shows up late to where they agreed the eavesdrop would happen. They overhear about vague location, various people and the boss’s increased attention. They didn’t find out much so the detective wants to tail the supplier as they understood from the conversation back to the manufacturer of drugs, see what they can convince out of him in relation to the boss. His partner looks uncomfortable with this, but agrees.

They watch the distributer load up bags onto his truck out of the warehouse they followed him to, leaving they make their way in. The detective’s partner is ahead and asks for him to hold open the chain system door, as he does the partner ducks under and makes his way in, the detective shout for him to wait, but has to awkwardly hold the door above his head and clutching the chain to let himself in. Once he finds his partner he catches a glimpse of him swiping something off a desk and presses a man up against a wall yelling for him to say where and who his boss is while hurling him around the room, the detective pulls him off and his partner seems shaken up, he then goes on to explain that the cook knew his family and that they can’t just go to the police about this, that they found the city’s cook, they’ll take him away and it will disrupt the system these people have going and they could turn their attention on his family. After a discussion with the cook they learn that he’s there against his protests, he’s one of their main assets and forced to work for them to pay off a debt he received from a loan shark. The man keeps looking behind the detective to his partner, the detective suggests maybe stepping outside. The partner and cook exchange looks and he leaves. The cook then goes on to add that they know of his own family too, they killed his eldest son and his daughter was forced into ‘public services’, that’s how the boss keeps his clients and employees in line, under an iron fist. They warn that if he tries to leave the business again he best get well acquainted with his photo albums. The detective apologises and thanks the cook then leaves.

He’s outside with his partner in silence when he speaks up that maybe they’re over their heads, they have no idea who these people are and what they could personally do to them, that they should just leave this one alone, the detective disagrees and they have an argument, eventually the partner reveals he’s scared for his family, the detective thinks this over and looks back towards the warehouse and says no. They have to separate, but before they do they come to an agreement, that the detective will not bring his partner into this. Turning to leave the detective feels like something is unresolved, that’s when his former partner calls back and throws the note book from the desk in the warehouse to him, they both leave. It had been had been hard on the detective, changing cities, moving homes, hearing the cook’s story, unable to assess how much these people knew of them and arguing with his new partner , he goes home to his wife. They have a relationshipy conversation that makes him feel better before they go to bed.

The next earlier than usual morning the detective goes on and continues with his case wanting to put in the extra hours he couldn’t from the night before, he takes the car and finally looks at the note book, it’s a series of addresses on pre-meditated arrangements, past and future on criminal activity locations and the copious quotas they make from such a business, numerous activities such as drug trading, the people involved, hit groups, trafficking, prostitution and the recording set ups for their prostitutes. Towards the end of the list is the address where all the money is to be sent to with no name, the detective assumes this must be where he can find the city’s boss. With a string of unsolved cases relating to many these the detective has to speculate the department is corrupt and paid off, or in on the reaping and he has to do this on his own. He thinks over a plan and decides it’s best he be with his partner, he call him from the office, but he pleads for him not to go. The detective prepares to leave adding a gun to his person.

As he’s on the way out from his office his phone rings, he answers to another person of the investigation department informing him of a murdered female recovered from his address and a case of purposeful arson that had nearly burnt the foundations of his home down if the fire brigade didn’t arrive on time. He doesn’t know what he’s just been told, he left there this morning and everything was fine, but still he didn’t know what to do with himself, with the case he was involved in he was unsure and it made him doubt his own thoughts. A moment later another detective at the station leans into his office and says that he’s put a man on hold wishing to speak to him from their civilian phone lines. He answers the phone, a man is talking about how lovely his wife was to them, a very loyal woman unfortunately, with what used to be stunning physique, pleasantly inquisitive and quite a loud beggar- before the man can finish he speeds back to his house and all he hears as he looks to charred insides of his home he once shared are key words from the people who had not noticed him staggering forward. Multiple stabbing-lacerations-eighteen-restrained-arms-wrists-chair-splayed-sabotage-wiring-gas pipe-pried-lucky-third degree-pliers-twenty seven-early morning-dishevelled-unprepared-disorientated-unprovoked-sociopath? Word after word spirals new scenarios in the detectives head of his wife’s horrific last moments as strangers performed senseless acts on her, but he just stands there with a blank stare taking it all in wanting but unable to leave. His former partner appears suddenly in his field of vision blocking what’s behind him and cups the detective’s ears, he pulls him closer bringing the detective’s head down to his shoulder, he tells him he doesn’t need to see this, his voice wavers as he does and spins him around leading him away until they’ve reached the partner’s car away from the noise and others, the partner drives and tries offering comforting words to ease up the tense situation, but the detective doesn’t say anything.

There’s a funeral and his partner is there, the detective admits to him he should have left it alone and for a while he broods at home; he calls his partner every so often, mostly for consolation and tells him about his wife, how she looked at him a very particular way, how they could sit in a room so silent and be glad they were a few paces distance from reach, even voiceless with each other, so happy. Often it would be the partner who called to make sure he was okay while he took time off work, but the detective was never okay, only unpleasant thoughts ran through his head, the conversations they would have never took any good turns, he noted that the winter seems unforgivingly colder, that there are so few people in the world and often asking if it’s his fault she’s gone.

Eventually the detective wants to end his unrelenting misery, but before that he’s going to find those who murdered his wife. He finally commits to following up on the lead to the address of the assumed boss. Bullet chambered he kills the majority of the people inhabiting that building stopping at times to mercilessly torture answers out of anyone attempting to avert him from homing on the boss and killing him. He finds the boss in an open plan room and kills the boss’ guard taking a few bullets himself he’ll survive from, he kills the boss without a word as he tries convince him to let him live. The detective slumps to the ground by himself in the secluded room riddled with bullets holes and unnecessary death; insignificant and lost in the expanse of it. It doesn’t take long before he puts the gun in his mouth tilting it up to where his head should be, there was no point dragging it out, he just wanted it to stop. As he squeezes the trigger a voice calls out from behind congratulating him with a slow clap, it’s his partner, he puts the gun back into the chest holster in his suit, composing himself he stands and turns, his partner seems to talk out of context looking around the room, almost ecstatic and displaying a smile on his face stating positive sanctions- very good, marvellous, spectacular, splendidly unprecedented, thorough job, that the new boy should be used as the example to look up to, not made an example of and grins at the detective. The partner reveals he expected this to happen, just not so soon and to this extent. The plan was always to use eager transfers desperate to climb the social ladder and earn a name for themselves, those will always try their very hardest to solve their first case no matter how tough it might get, and when the bread crumbs get close to the boss he has- had a tendency to use family to intimidate, but they always retaliate with a rage, even when there’s no chance of success, even the detective and even the man he left at the construction site, the partner unveils he also made the call, the detective was another sheep for slaughter, his sacrifice might have opened up a temporary path to the king and with him out of the way there was a vacancy opposition to control the city’s organized criminal empire, just a ‘slight’ raise in his wallet for the short duration he could cover up that the boss was still alive and his employees were still working for him, it would have set him for life. The detective puts everything together and realises if his partner set up the construction death and all the crumbs were to lure him close enough then use his family to send him on a vengeance spree, and it’s not the first time it’s happened then he knew what was going to happen to his family before it did, and for money. The partner must of seen something in the detective’s face that made him abruptly stop mid way explaining how getting the detective out of the way now would mean no one will ever find out, his own contorted, but the detective was quicker on the draw unloading the rest of the clip into his partner’s chest.

The detective has nothing left, but finds it oddly enticing, the thoughts his partner put in his head moments before about that opening just sitting there waiting to be filled. Owning a criminal empire and being part of investigations doesn’t sound too bad actually.

Subject to change

– Bernardo Viola


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