Story Outline

Intro- Many years into the future, long after war has wiped out the human race, it starts to emerge again, but without language. The story will explore human connection without words as they keep moving and surviving an unpredictable terrain and environment.

Components- A dystopian world where nature has reclaimed most of its territory encasing buildings and pulling them apart in years of vegetation.

Context- Anchorage, Alaska, North West of Canada.

Mise en Scene- worn out futuristic weapons, make shift weapons, makeshift equipment, tattered clothes, clothing stitched back up and held together by means at their disposal, animal leather clothing pieces, body paint, gritty bodies, collapsed buildings and vehicles closing off streets, rubble, vegetation spanning almost everywhere, animalistic people, animal life, etc.

When Is It Set- An unknown period of time in the future; no one cares to think about the date because that information is useless to them and they wouldn’t understand it anyway as it’s a social construct no one can teach; they do come up with their own ways to describe time though.

Conflict- Finding food and water, staying warm, sleep, distrust, not enough necessities, independence, surviving encounters with the environment, animal life and other people, stalking, kidnapping, fights between main characters, misplaced trust, losing equipment, moral choice differences between characters, blood on hands, letting essential things go, getting separated, catching life threatening illnesses, slowly degrading morals, psychological trauma, dealing with death, depression, existential crisis, living, etc. Not necessarily in this order.

Characters- A possibly 25 year old guy surviving out in Alaska; no nonsense, loner, careful and cautious of his interactions with relatively defined morals taking his chances on his own, the same for the 20 something year old lady, she’s observant, sparsely moraled, generally level headed, nifty, thoughtful and is also playing her cards; both will be anti-heroes. They’re both doing what they can and what they must to get by, all while fundamentally taking care of each other with indispensable loyalty principally being the seemingly only good natured people left. Later there will be an old guy which has retained some of the knowledge his relatives demonstrated and taught him of the old world which they were told themselves by their own parents and so on, he’s struggling with living on his own and not having anyone to speak to. There are the people who have given into their instincts that have no moral grounds and their packs also have not taken to putting any up, they’re cruel taking what they need, doing what they want, provoking situations and exacerbating them, the type of people you don’t want an encounter with. There is also the false hero haven group with a community were more happens than we know.

What Are Their Functions- The guy and lady pull each other together and protect each other as they move forward. The old guy is the helper and he voices what he’s thinks, he talks to himself and our characters about a series of things, at times he will speak out of context fondly and against of the world before; he will bring about an old, but more relatable emotional range to the narrative that will allow it to resonate better with the audience’s feelings. Savage meetings and undesirable close calls get the characters to find opportunities to become closer with each other, better appreciate the rarity of what they have and grow. The more capable community is there to test loyalties, to test the characters and depict how far humanity still goes, to emphasize and remind us that this world is not a nice place to be in.

Narrative Structure- The story is a combination of linear and non-linear structure. Not all the character archetypes are there and it is more based around character development than a complex overall picture, the story is about how different characters and groups cope with the at times unwanted situations they’re in. It throws the endings to the 3 Acts of Narrative Structure away apart from the first one because again it’s not about the reward, the rewards are having survived and having the characters still alive to be with each other through this world.

The story isn’t going to be about hope, or futility, these people have never recognised that difference, the story is just going to be, with chance confrontations. It’s all they know and they make do with what they have to live quietly and stay out of trouble they come across too often from just being forced to look for the things they need. In real life you don’t have a goal, that’s how the story will play out.  Characters barely get a get break and keep getting thrown into atmospheric, dramatic, hard decisions. 

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