Film Treatment

A detective from another city gets transferred to another squad for good work solving cases, he goes away from his city. During his first case he gets his partner. Similar drug cases had been reported several times in the city, more than once found with a dead officer involved. Often cases like this have recently been getting dropped and so they decide to solve it they can’t go to the bureau or tell their superiors. Leads from the case make them realise they’re in over their heads and the detective’s partner drops the case due to leaked information on every person on the team. Eventually the detective’s family is targeted and his wife is murdered. He follows the clues and finds the boss. He kills the boss and the partner turns out to be involved and tries to kill the detective. The detective kills him after he reveals the corruption there was within the department and the real reason he recommended him to the squad- he was a pawn that got him closer to the boss’s seat, he wanted the money. The detective has an epiphany and takes over the cities’ drug empire.


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