Pre-production and Responsibilities


Josh Lebrun

Story Board and Scenes (Story Board)


(Trailer Scenes)

By Bernardo Viola


Scenes 2 to 6 by Bernardo Viola


L.A. N

L.A. No

L.A. Noi

L.A. Noir

Director Suggested Scene

L.A. Noire Scene 1 or 7 Help

Scenes 1 and 7 by Josh Lebrun

Camera Shots (drawn storyboard) and Movement

By Josh Lebrun


Detective as Bernardo Viola

Partner as Josh Lebrun

Detective’s wife as Ami Gwilym (cut role)

Police Radio voice as Unknown

Camera Person

By Joshua Lebrun


By Joshua Lebrun and Luke Taylor

Background Work

Josh works out which segments of dialogue to use and writes the first and last scene, the camera person follows his camera coordination as instructed on the sheet he made at the location settings we discussed as a team. Scene 2 (First Case) had input from Josh Lebrun, Luke Taylor and Bernardo Viola. Scene 6 (Shaking Gun) had input from Josh and Bernardo Viola. Props were talked over mostly as a team, Ami Gwilym will provide the gun prop and the others the team has means of getting. And the last scene was advised by the director to be changed to something more dramatic given the tone of the trailer’s scenes. Director requested help to write scene 1 or 7. I started a short Edit Decision List which Josh and Luke will take over to make on their own. I briefly continued the EDL with Luke while Josh was absent. Amy was immensely helpful when she got the chance to come in, taking on a lot of responsibility coming up with new scenes, ideas, deciding on camera shots without a storyboard that was supposed to have been made by Josh, locations, allocating on screen roles for me and Luke and directing us, acting herself, providing props and making props we didn’t have- the team made significant progress it doesn’t typically make and wouldn’t have made any if it weren’t for her last minute backup plans due to an absent Josh, meaning our pre-set organisation couldn’t happen that day as he’s very prominently on camera with me- the script was written so the two of us were answering to each other. Entire team was missing on one day and with the deadline on top of us I had to record audio on my own and changed some lines so I could say them to myself and only use the ones that didn’t require a response from a partner. I put all the audio on the computer and sifted the usable audio files with at least 2 of the same lines so the editors had a better range of choice. Editors Josh and Luke are cutting all the visuals and audio together, making the graphics which right now are just generic, but will be changed to a Noir font to emulate a real Noir trailer. When the trailer is put together we can upload them to our blogs.


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