Ident Treatment No. 1 [scrapped]

The ident will be made on Flash. The animation begins with a black screen, there are the sound of leaves joint in the wind. There is no movement of the camera, it is sat still and watching. The sound of flares can be heard going off, when they light they intercept each other at the moment they will spell the company logo and illuminate a pine tree forest in low key red lighting. There is a person at the centre of the forest. The person and the forest leaves will be set as a boiling pot. The palette will be only¬†be hues of red and black. A faint smoke is spreading in the air and as the flairs go off fewer and fewer shadows can be seen coming from the forest, as the flair’s sounds also drown out, the sound of the forest is now quietened down, this goes on until the last flair and the screen goes dark. This is all be seen as an extreme wide shot with the camera slightly tilted down at the forest from a significant height.


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