Ident Treatment No. 2 [Scrapped]

Close up of the company logo filling the screen, then pan out to reveal it actually engraved into a flare gun barrel floating in the middle of a well lit forest. The tree’s foliage is all set to boiling pot. The gun goes off with heavy fire letting out masses of blackened smoke and clearing up into clean smoke profusely spraying out of the gun in a constant stream. The smoke soon travels rapidly through the forest slipping through the tress and quickly drifts, enveloping the camera, it like this for a while. When the smoke passes the gun is gone and we’re looking at the forest on its own. One of the forest’s trees now has a red shirt tied around it which wasn’t there before, this is the only tree that has had removed the boiling pot animation after the smoke while the others keep it; hold this scene for a while. Fade to black. This project will be completed mainly with Flash and After Effects at the end for sound and refinements.


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