Ident Treatment No. 3 [This One]

A flare gun is suspended in a dark background, ‘Soft Spoken Nothings’ is carved into its body. On its own the guns goes off, the smoke of it suffocates our visuals and as it slips past the frame it unveils a trembling, half naked tree kept warm by a red shirt hugging it.

The production is named ‘Soft Spoken Nothings’. The animation begins as a close up of the company logo taking up the screen, then there’s a pan out revealing it engraved into a flare gun barrel floating in a black space. The gun goes off with a heavy fire preceding the letting out of masses of old, blackened smoke, it then slowly sterilises clearing up into a clean, grey smoke profusely shoving out of the end in a constant stream. The smoke travels rapidly through the screen enveloping the camera. When the smoke passes the gun is gone and we’re looking at a lone tree in the mid afternoon, it has a red shirt tied around its base; hold this scene for a while. Cut.

This project will be completed mainly with Flash and After Effects at the end for sound and refinements. In Flash I will Import all my hand draw concepts into different layers and trace over them keeping the smoothing at 33. With all the images in I will reorder them so the animations happen at the correct distances. After, I will begin the frame by frame animation of the gun getting further away and smoking up. Once this is done I’ll start to colour the tree and then make the next frame the same tree, but with slight changes the amount of green of the leaves and flip between them to set them to be a boiling pot. Once this is done I will bring the file over to After Effects and apply sound to it so it reacts to the movement on screen.

From the free sound website I will download a gunshot, smoke blowing, ear ringing and pine in the wind. When I am ready to use these the smoke serves as good filler noise to not make the scene seem empty. The first gunshot will follow alongside the ear ringing and the second gunshot is heard muffled in lower decibels from the ringing. The smoke passes and the ringing cuts to the pine softly in the wind.

The company name is ‘Soft Spoken Nothings’, this is written on the side of an orange flare gun floating in a black background, it goes off with a gun sound and ringing in the ears and vanishes in its own smoke screen leaving us to look at a tree kept warm by its red shirt while all we can hear is the soft movement of pine in the wind as the animation is set to boiling pot. Cut. The production will be made through Flash for all the visuals and After Effects for the addition of sound.


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