Ident Evaluation

It was half and half what people thought of the video’s pacing, many thought it was fine and a notable number thought it was too fast. The video was  too fast, it was like a Psyco scene and hard to keep up with, the scenes could have gone on for longer to stop the viewer being overwhelmed because the final product looks like it just wants to get done with.

From the collective comments of the class on my ident it was common say that the colour scheme was appropriate to which i can agree with other than right at the end when the last of the smoke came in, that could be improved with more colours for better realism.

The logo design was good is what the class agreed to, personally I though it was a bit empty and could do with being wide screen because as of the moment it is just a decent looking image without substance, no mood is able to be easily picked out from the piece.

There were mixed views on whether the company name was right for it since it gave off no real genre, but this is good, it means the company can make whatever games they want without an audience expectation tying them down and keeping the company form broader ideas and leaving space for creativity. Some did however like it.

A majority believed that the animation had gamers in mind because of the gun, some disagreed and were unsure saying it was unclear who it was aimed at- one offer suggested it be for an animation or film studio instead which is understandable considering I had the theme of narrative in mind and not the actual gaming aspect, so while this is an accurate assessment on how it fails to do its job I think it failing was a good thing.

Though I wouldn’t use Flash again to create similar work due to the severe time consumption of frame by frame manual drawing, it was unanimous, the people believed it was the right programme to use in order to achieve the final outcome.

Everyone, but one believed that the animation was memorable, I side with the other guy, there wasn’t anything special at the beginning and the end could do with improving which is the only memorable area of the project since it has a certain enigma to it, but still I would turn a blind eye since the colours aren’t quite right to emote anything.

It was staggeringly clear people wanted improvement on the ending saying they wanted to see more and not have the image cropped from them. I’m on board.

The questionees thought the animation was smooth, I think so too, it was smooth.

Most people held the opinion that the video was just the right length, I believe so, anymore and people would lose their attention span.


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