3 representational visuals of work will appear on screen. A graphic reading- ‘Game Design’ will pass through the screen. Videos and images of the course will show. The title screen with where to find the course and the way to keeping in touch with the school will show.

3 main icons we thought would best describe the course will travel one by one up the screen and bounce in a white background so that the grey images of a controller, camera and pencil with paper will stand out. The ‘Game Design’ graphic will wipe by and halt for a second and keep on moving off screen. A montage of videos and images will split the screen in half and play out showing students working and the work they have made. Each half of the screen will swipe up and down to transition onto a second fullscreen montage with past student’s work. When that’s done the course and name of the school will appear, as well as its contact information and ways to stay in touch.

With a camera we’ll take videos and pictures of things of interest for the advert. The digitising will be done on After Effects to make the graphics animated. Then pictures and videos will be moved over too to be placed in their pre-established places.

Woosh sounds will be applied to the motion of graphics and voice over as the screen splits to show students working and work done by them. Soft core pop rock music will play throughout the entire video.

3 key representational images of the course push up the screen making wooshing sounds being a graphic, ‘Game Design’ courses left and a montage displaying the work of students half the screen to do the same on the other half. A collage/ montage with past student’s work is next, then end on the Kingston information. All will be done on After Effects.


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