Course Advertisement Evaluation

A minimalist design with a limited colour palette makes the ad a somewhat more memorable visual than the average ad.

The advert however lacks in course information and makes it so if you were interested you would have to go search about the course independently to learn anything about it. All together it is an interesting looking ad, but it is still an amateur piece and I don’t personally think it influences people to go a learn more about the course. The ad could definitely do with more information, especially taking into mind we had another 10 seconds spare.

The music over the video works very fluently along side it and does well to invite secondary school students to the course being an upbeat, pop track to disarm them and make it so Kingston College seems less intimidating being their next step in education.

The video could also have done with more pictures and video, it was hard to interpret what to expect from the course environment and work.

The storyboard was not followed completely and should have been as it included a less blind siding concept to the visualisation of the course work.

Overall we didn’t learnt much from the ad other than there is a Games Design course at Kingston College and there are websites we have to go and find for ourselves to get in touch in some sort of way with the school.


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