L.A. Noire Trailer Evaluation

The trailer cinematography holds up pretty well, the locations all seem classic to the noir genre and are well encompassed.

Camera work could have done well with some retakes considering the blur and refocusing in a significant amount of shots is quite off putting, we could have made it good amounts cleaner. The shots used weren’t always the close ups that the noir genre prominently uses, most of the time they weren’t and were mostly long shots which the noir category barely uses.

The sound sucks, alot. It hinders it from being a professional standard trailer. The small snippet of dialogue though can be taken in many different directions, so the audience is left to interoperate what they think it means. The combination of this dialogue and the suspicious things you see that same detective do creates an enigma code on who he is intriguing the audience to make them what to know what it means.

Music was perfect, it gave off the 90s vibe used in a number of noir films set at that time. The gradual, but timid change to the music worked really well as the visual atmosphere of the trailer began to change into something less than normal.

Slightly above average wardrobe for all characters was very helpful to deliver a specific message of what roles these people were meant to play so’s to not confuse the audience. And the mise en scene overall was pretty good.

Editing was almost perfectly cut together, it was quite appealing to look at for the most part, but some shots were held too long in places in middle. The slow fades in and out at the beginning were great to introduce the setting while the trailer was peaceful and hard cuts to black as it picks up the pace. The short, second long transitions between colour and black and white worked really well at the end to overwhelm the audience with action and tension. And though the graphics could be more accurate to resembled noir typography, they’re well placed between cuts like they would be in the 90s and the superimposition of the actor’s names next beside them parallels this too.

To conclude, with some refinement, clear and to the point dialogue and extra footage it could be a usable trailer as, as of the moment it’s just some decent, amateur cinematography.


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