Game App Work Log

Task 1: Research

Gameplay Mechanics Research and Own Game Mechanic Ideas- Bernardo

Analysis of Video Games for Mobile Devices and Multi Platforms- Reece

Major Genres in Mobile Games and Audience Accompanying Them- Bernardo

Establishing the Major Games in the Market and Analysing Them- Reece


Task 2: Development

Exploration of Narrative and Characters and Effect on Gameplay- Joint Effort

Gameplay Mechanics Development- Bernardo

Visuals Description- Bernardo

Story Board to Help Visualise Cut Scenes- Reece

Logo and Icons- Predominantly Reece


Task 3: Design Document

Name of Game- Joint Effort

Description of Narrative- Reece

Description of Gameplay- Bernardo

Game Genre- Joint Effort

Target Audience- Predominantly Bernardo

Player Motivation- Bernardo

Unique Selling Points- Bernardo

Competition- Joint Effort


Task 4: Mock Ups and Visuals

Illustrating Narratives- Bernardo

Narrative Imagery in Other Games- Bernardo

Narrative Imagery- Joint Effort

Branding and Icons- Reece

Digital Screenshots of Game- Joint Effort


Task 5: Presentation

Slides- Joint Effort


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