End of Year Show Preparation

For the end of year show I am going to present 8 A6 prints neatly cut out with a guillotine of high definition images on glossy paper printed at Ryman of stills captured from my Final Major Project final animation production made on CINEMA 4D, the images will be stuck to 5mm foam board with a spray mount. I will chose what images to show by taking the primary ideas the story revolves around and string them in chronological sequence to retell what the animation was about. To get the highest possible quality images I will go back into CINEMA 4D and recreate my compositions and render them at 4K resolution.


Images Proposed

  1. Anechoic Chamber
  2. Marionette/Mobile
  3. Telephone Lines Pole
  4. Blank Room with Cairn through Red String
  5. Bed
  6. Rails and Scaffolding
  7. Polaroid Camera and Turntable
  8. Feather coming off Rails


Final Images

take it away

Show Display



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